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This book is a sort of encyclopedia about AI for teenagers. I have simply collected the latest 100+ questions asked by my kids, and answered them here as best I could. Future versions of the book may include more questions.

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The book is primarily intended for teenagers, but I suspect it may be just as useful for grownups from any industry and background, who are wondering about this mystical thing called AI that everyone is talking about but very few understand. It is a hype, but it will change everything. It will change the way we work, the way we learn, the way we communicate. And it will challenge us in new ways. In order to be a part of this transformation of our society, it is important to understand the fundamental forces and be proactive. You can’t stop the wave, but you can learn to surf.

The questions are not ordered by any principles, and there are more than a few techy questions – that’s just how we talked about this subject. You can pick and choose the questions that are interesting to you. For every answer there is a short analogy, a story that can help you remember the dry and boring facts. And for every story there is an illustration, to make your reading and thinking more fun.


Silvija Seres is a mathematician, investor and advisor. She has worked with AI for over 30 years, and combines her theoretical and technical understanding of the subject with business and social perspectives in her board work, investments, lectures and writings. She wants the world to understand AI so they can use it wisely. Silvija has four children between the ages of 11 and 17. She lives in Norway and works internationally.