Aftenposten, 5. June 2013 (in Norwegian)
Innovasjon paa norsk
With Dag Honningsvaag, Haavard Nord, Fredrik Syversen and Svenn Richard Andersen
Cronicle about innovation policy in Norway.
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Dagens Naeringsliv, 22. April 2013 (in Norwegian)
Flere hettegensere i styrerommet
With Morten Huse
Cronicle about new competencies in company boards.
Reprinted in BI’s online newletter.
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Article in BI: link

Aftenposten, 1. March 2013 (in Norwegian)
Mye aa laere av Singapore
With William Klippgen
Cronicle about smart state capitalism in Singapore.
Reprinted in in Aftenposten Innsikt, 8. April 2013.
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Article in Innsikt: pdf part1 and pdf part2

Alarga’s annual report, June 2012 (in English)
Innovation through diversity
Article about corporate talent management strategies.
Annual report: PDF (my article is on pages 25-27)

Dagens Naeringsliv, 19. April 2012 (in Norwegian)
Styrene trenger mangfold
With Widar Salbuvik
Cronicle about the need for more diveristy in company boards.
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Aftenposten, 13. January 2012 (in Norwegian)
Bedrifter som ser talent er fremtidens vinnere
With Dilek Ayhan
Cronicle about international talents in Norway.
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Aftenposten, 10. May 2010 (in Norwegian)
En god investering
Cronicle about the advantages of good international education.
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